Dyslexia is my super power. 

Every Friday 17:40-18:40 term time only All Saint Church Harpenden, this class has not been launched yet, we are seeing what interest we have before setting a start date. 


Dyslexia pro is a weekly workshop for children who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia or have signs of Dyslexia.

The main aim of this workshops is for students to gain understanding of how their Dyslexia can affect them throughout the day whether that means completing homework or reading road names . The students and teacher will work together to analyzing both the positives and negatives.

Students work with the teacher  to build a personal portfolio, where each individual will gain the knowledge and the understanding of how dyslexia can affect their day to day lives. Improve their symptoms to manage simple daily tasks.

Students work with the teacher to create strategies that will help them to achieve in all education levels,  helping them with daily struggles of a class room environment. The strategies are  designed to be fun and creative,supporting both life skills and school studies. 

During this class students will be encouraged to express their Dyslexia though dance creation.

The main focus of this project is to change their negative view and stereo type of Dyslexia into a positive.

Students are encouraged to see Dyslexia as their super power .



  • Confidence

  • Self-discipline

  • Organisation

  • Communication 

  • Personal Development (working on your own weaknesses)

  • Knowledge of Dyslexia 

  • A personal portfolio to keep

  • Strategies that can last a life time

  • Meeting other children with dyslexia

  • Creativity

  • Dance technique

  • Positive outlook on Dyslexia



Aprill has suffered with Dyslexia all her life, therefore she has a good understanding of how it feels to go through childhood and through the challenging teenage years where she never let dyslexia stop her from achieving anything that she set her mind on. Aprill has learnt how to find her own methods that help suppress her symptoms,extended her knowledge of dyslexia and discovering the fact she is very creative.
In the third year of her degree Aprill based her personal project (dissertation) on Dyslexia and Dance where she studied dyslexia in great detail, analyzing how to a teach dyslexic students in an academic and creative setting. During this time Aprill created a portfolio for teachers full of strategies that can be useful in studio and classroom environment , introducing new ideas of how teachers can adapt their lesson plans to suite dyslexic students. 
This gave the teachers a great understanding and knowledge of dyslexia.
Aprill is a very passionate about helping others and sharing her expert information,knowledge and understanding of what dyslexia truly is ,helping to improve children and teenagers with their confidence and their overall outlook on dyslexia.